Fantastigo is a full-service, technology and content development team – specializing in mobile apps, augmented and virtual reality and solutions for interactive education and advertising. Members of our team have a proven record creating custom AR experiences for the world’s most respected names, since 2011.

Fantastigo currently operates from offices in Klagenfurt, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. We’re run by a team who constantly questions, constructs, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn. Our team is a mix of business, tech, UX and creative professionals, with decades of cumulative experience in the field of digital advertising and technology development.

Our Team

Szabolcs Turányi – Vadnay

Managing Director

Réka Rizner

Project Manager

Tibor Szijjartó

Lead Developer

Tas Péter Tóth

Chief Technology Officer

Dóra Mátyás

Art Director

Bálint Keresztes

Head of User Experience

Imola Sarkadi

Graphic Designer

Iuliia Diekhtiarova

3D Animator

Creative Services


We create the concept, develop the technology and provide the content for custom made and off-the-shelf interactive solutions.

Augmented Reality (AR) has seen a huge growth over the past few years and is increasingly adopted by museums and education to create engaging experiential exhibits.  We allow our clients to create their own content within the same framework of our digital platforms. We help to deploy Image Recognition and Augmented Reality mobile experiences across various types of projects.

Recent Work

Our Portfolio